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The Jack Knives Announce Collaboration with Pete Steinkopf of the Bouncing Souls for Upcoming Album

Si Short singer of the California-based band The Jack Knives has revealed that their next album will be produced by Pete Steinkopf of the legendary punk rock band, the Bouncing Souls. This exciting announcement came today, giving fans of the band a sense of anticipation as Short shared his personal musical journey and the band's enthusiasm for this collaboration.

Short reminisced about a pivotal moment in his youth, recounting a concert in London where he witnessed the Bouncing Souls take the stage as the opening act for Green Day. "When I was around 15 years old, I went to watch Green Day in London, England," he recalled. "The opening band came out, some guys with east coast accents and flat caps. They proceeded to rip through a 25-minute set of absolute punk rock anthems. That was my introduction to the Bouncing Souls and a new kind of punk rock"

Reflecting on the profound impact of that moment, Short expressed gratitude for the transformative influence the Bouncing Souls had on his musical journey. "As a young, impressionable kid looking for identity, they changed my musical outlook," he shared. "And to think that 20 plus years later, I'll be working with someone as talented as Pete to create new music is humbling, exciting and surprising."

With the band fresh off a sold out show in New York City and currently in the midst of their "Ghost Radio" tour, they have been busy demoing new songs between shows, gearing up for their upcoming studio sessions in New Jersey. The decision to record in Asbury Park adds another layer of significance to this collaboration, as it brings The Jack Knives full circle, tapping into the rich punk rock heritage of the area.

As fans eagerly await more news on this highly anticipated album, the partnership between The Jack Knives and Pete Steinkopf promises to deliver a dynamic fusion of energy, heartfelt lyrics, and punk rock ethos. Stay tuned for more updates as the band continues to shape their musical evolution in collaboration with one of punk's most revered figures.

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