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The Young Hearts Join Forces with Fumie Records: A Transatlantic Punk Collaboration

In a move set to amplify their presence on both sides of the Atlantic, UK melodic punk rockers The Young Hearts have announced their partnership with California based Fumie Records, marking a significant milestone in their musical journey. Under this new collaboration, Fumie Records will serve as the band's US booking agent and stateside management, paving the way for an exciting chapter in The Young Hearts' career.

With their infectious melodies and raw emotional depth, The Young Hearts have been making waves in the UK punk scene, captivating audiences with their cathartic anthems and unapologetic sincerity. Now, with Fumie Records by their side, the band is poised to expand their reach and connect with fans across the pond.

"We're thrilled to be joining forces with Fumie Records," shares The Young Hearts frontman Craig Lawrence. "Their passion for music and dedication to their artists align perfectly with our vision as a band. With their expertise and support, we're excited to take our music to new heights and share it with even more listeners."

Fumie Records, known for its commitment to fostering a sense of community and collaboration within the music industry, is equally enthusiastic about the partnership. "The Young Hearts embody everything we love about punk rock – authenticity, passion, and a relentless drive to connect with their audience," says Terri Takemura of Fumie Records. "As their US booking agent and stateside management, we're honored to be part of their journey and help bring their music to a wider audience."

The collaboration between The Young Hearts and Fumie Records underscores the power of indepndent music to transcend borders and unite people from diverse backgrounds. With their shared values and mutual respect for one another's craft, this partnership promises to be a fruitful and exciting endeavor for both the band and the label.

As The Young Hearts begin to plan their future

US tour and continue writing new music, fans can expect to see more of their electrifying performances and heartfelt songs grace stages on both sides of the Atlantic. With Fumie Records championing their cause, the future looks bright for The Young Hearts as they continue to carve out their place in the punk rock landscape.

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